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Vw Blogs and Stories

Interesting and inspirational Blogs and stories

I always enjoy an interesting read of how someone and their van managed to drive accross the desert or through the jungle, it gives me great inspiration, a feeling of wellbeing and makes me think my bus should spend more of it's life out on adventure, than stuck in the garage whilst our busy lives fly by!

I have learnt something new from reading Martin Doreys' Campervan Living, and it's always stuck in my mind everytime I find somewhere to camp up a dirt track, on the side of a stream, in a wood or on the edge of a secluded beach. "leave it better, than you found it"

If all places looked like Man had never been there, then more land owners might overlook the odd Vw camper grabbing a nights sleep.

The links below are some of peoples enjoyment of their Vw camper.
If you know of any more then please let us know ?




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